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Confirmed Workshops:


Reverse Gentrification- Often upper-class people move into vibrant, affordable neighborhoods. As they arrive, property values increase and the previous residents of these neighborhoods can no longer afford to live there. This process is called gentrification. This workshop is to provide tactics of avoiding gentrification in your neighborhoods by making the elites that move in feel unwelcome and threatened (much like they make us feel when they take over our neighborhoods).

Un-Armed Self-Defense

Street Art / Propaghanda- In a world dominated by corporate advertising it is up to us to reclaim public space in order to spread our own message. Learn how to spread your political message through a variety of tactics. Workshop will cover design, guerilla art, tricks of the trade, and ethics involved with propaganda work.

Silk-Screening- This workshop will discuss how to do home screen printing for things like: patches, t-shrits, posters, etc. It is designed to teach anyone interested in DIY promotion, political sloganeering, artistic medium, and more. Some hands on material will be provided, and there will also be some follow-up Q&A.

Armed Self-Defense- In this workshop you'll learn about the legality of armed self-defense. Under what circumstances can you use deadly force to defend yourself? We'll tell you. If there is time we will also talk about handgun safety and how to choose the best handgun for personal self-defense.

Activism and Community Service- An Evolutionary Path or How to Get Your Friends Off Their Apathetic Asses. A powerful, direct service experience can change someone's life. Learn how to facilitate such an experience and help participants evolve from caring/concerned citizens into activists.


If you're interested in organizing and leading a workshop, please contact us.

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